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Lightship Placemat

Create a placemat and coaster set. Coasters available here


A lightship, also known as a lightvessel, is a type of navigational aid used to guide ships through dangerous or challenging waters, such as shallow reefs or narrow channels. A lightship is essentially a floating lighthouse, consisting of a large vessel anchored in place and equipped with a bright light or beacon that can be seen from a distance.

Lightships are typically manned by a small crew of sailors, who live on board for weeks or months at a time. The crew is responsible for maintaining the ship and the navigational equipment, as well as operating the light and other signaling devices. Lightships were commonly used in the past when lighthouses were not feasible, such as in areas with shifting sandbars or rocky shoals, or in places where the construction of a permanent structure was too expensive or difficult.

While lightships are less common today due to advancements in navigational technology, some are still in use in certain parts of the world, particularly in areas with challenging waterways or harsh weather conditions. Lightships are an important part of maritime history and continue to be a symbol of the bravery and dedication of sailors who risked their lives to ensure the safety of others at sea.

Product details & Care
  • Cork bottom
  • Gloss finish
  • 24x24cm
  • Rounded corners
  • Wipe clean only
  • Proudly printed in the UK
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