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Powered by Steam Tote Bag


As my travel prints are inspired by the old railway posters it seemed only fitting to create an actual steam train print.

There's no denying that this print was based on the famous Flying Scotsman, one of the worlds most well known steam trains.

A steam train is a type of locomotive powered by steam that is used to pull passenger or freight cars along railway tracks. Steam trains were first developed in the early 19th century and quickly became the primary mode of transportation for goods and people, revolutionizing the way people traveled and conducted business.

Steam trains work by heating water in a boiler to create steam, which then powers a set of pistons that turn the wheels of the train. The train is controlled by an engineer who manages the speed and direction of the locomotive using a series of levers and valves. Steam trains were once the backbone of many national transportation systems, including in the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries around the world.

Product details & Care
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Edge to edge print
  • 40x40cm
  • Long handled black shoulder straps
  • Proudly printed and produced in the UK
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As a small business I am keen to support other small businesses wherever possible. All my business supplies are sourced from independent retailers.


Tote Bags are fulfilled directly from my printer who despatch orders within 1-2 days and post everything via tracked 48 postage.